UFO Lamp Which Can Levitate Just Like A Real UFO

Baita Design has created a really cool lamp that is especially going to be attractive to computer geeks and sci-fi lovers. This lamp is not like others. It is called UFO Lamp and that is not without a reason. It literally levitates like an UFO flying disc and it is not connected in any way to its base.

The lamp floats above the base where the magnets are placed. The fact that it levitates and is UFO shaped should be enough to convince me to buy this thing but that is not all. This lamp also contains a buttons on the base that can be used to switch a height of the levitating part and also to rotate it up or down. You can see how this stuff works in a GIF animation that will be provided in this post.

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Credits: [ Thedesignblog.org ]

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  1. check out http://www.baitadesign.com/ u’ll find nothing of this sort…

    it should be possible to create something close to this concept though, except for the turning over of the disc, that would require a bit more than that little base-unit they show

    maybe someday……

  2. It’s a concept lamp. Haven’t actually created it yet. Not sure how they think magnets work, but… that’s not it.

  3. Are you all stupid? No magnet of that size could levitate such a big lamp without drawing megawatts of electricity and riping apart your house pulling everything made of iron to it..
    This is just concept done by some low-life metrosexual “artist” who I bet can’t even change a lightbulb.

  4. Cool idea. You could do it with high voltage, they do this already with experimental lifters. Problem is, 20kv plus is needed, and if you dont want to have it connected to anything then it would need its HV source on board the lamp. Cant imagine it would be too safe for the average household however!

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