Portraits Made Of Hundreds Of Pills by Jason Mecier

Last updated on August 30th, 2016 at 10:42 am

It is well known that lot of celebrities have problems with using drugs. American artist Jason Mecier decided to speak about this problem in his own way. He created a number of celebrity mosaic-portraits out of colored prescription pills.

There you can find portrait of Heath Ledger who has lost his life because of drugs overdose. The Michael Jackson portrait is pretty interesting too. If you look those photos from a distance or resize them to a tiny images, you’ll see that those portraits are pretty realistic.

Jason Mecier is a mosaic portrait artist who has worked for a years in creation of amazing mosaic portraits using beans, noodles, yarn and similar inexpensive materials. He claims that there’s no any ‘fooling’ about his artworks and that he is not using any trick shots or studio touch ups to create his artworks.

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Many celebrities have already succumbed to a drug overdose, and if the culture of drug abuse among them is any indication, there could be more of them suffering the same fate in the future.

pills-portraits-michael jacksonMichael Jackson

pill portraits kelly osbourneKelly Osbourne

pill-portraits-heath-ledgerHeath Ledger

pills-portrait-courtney loveCourtney Love

Credits: [ EntertainmentWise.com ]

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  1. Disgusting! Does this untalented man even think about how he is affecting these people’s families? I am sure Heath Ledgers family has had enough pain already without this guy shoving it in their faces again. Not to mention profiting from someone elses loss.Its Sad to see art so disrespected. MJ died of an injection given by a terrible doctor so where do the pills come from? As for Heath Ledger,he was not an addict at all. All hs meds were in his blood stream at the prescribed levels.He was following the directions.His docs were found to have prescribed them legally for real health issues.Heath Ledgers health problems were and are private.The details of why he was on medication have never been made public. Its none of our business. So the media labels him a drug addict.Try and find one story about him being an addict that was written BEFORE he died. There are none.It was ruled as “drug abuse” because some of the meds he was on are not meant to be taken together. Its a technical term really. Thousands of people accidentally combine their meds and end up in the ER every day. It is very easy to do. We should learn from Heath Ledgers accident as it could happen to anyone of us too. its so much easier to shrug it off and chalk it up to him being just another addicted celeb because then we do not have to face that its a reality for us too. RIP Heath,I miss you, I enjoyed working with you and those who really love you know the truth and the rest of them simply do not matter.

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