Fake Hills Megastructure By MAD Architects

Last updated on August 30th, 2016 at 08:29 am

It will be enough to hear what’s the name of the company that has designed this project and you’ll realize how incredible this really is.

Chinese architecture company MAD Architects has created a conceptual design of a housing complex that should be eventually built in Beihai. The key feature of this incredible megastructure is that it just looks like a few of hills brought together.

The project is named “Fake Hills” and designers are claiming that it will significantly reduce consumption of energy by allowing natural air and light to filter through the construction.

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As you can see from photos, it is planned to put in a few of botanical gardens inside this complex. Let’s just hope that the designers will find company that is strong enough to ensure financial backup for this colossal complex which, if it was built, will become one of the main touristic attractions in China.





Credits: [ Designboom.com ]

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  1. Chinese architects stole their ideas from a 70’s french hollyday resort called “La Grande Motte” (it even got in the news when they visited last year), they call it ecologic, but such constructions are banned for decades in europe because of the impact of huge concrete constructions on the shoreline wildlife. China is once again late on every side, except for the tremendous ego of their leaders.

  2. Sadly enough it won’t end up looking like the concept mainly because if natural air and light are to filter-in so will the heat, even with low-e’s.

  3. this is a crazy sh*t…. it s nice, the project but only on paper…. i can t imagine people living there…. it s hell on eath. god save the queen 🙂

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