Amazing Robotic Sculptures Made Out of Recycled Parts

Will Wagenaar is a professional artist and designer who lives and works in Florida. He is working as an artist and designer since 1972.

He is different from the most of other artists because he loves to work with the junk. He uses a discarded objects that can be purchased for a cheap money or even for free, to make incredible robot sculptures. His creations are antique and futuristic at the very same time and that is what is fascinating how he manages to combine old recycled parts into a very futuristic robotic compositions.

He says on his website that his commitment is to create funny and beautiful objects using at least 80% of recycled materials.

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Compared to other artists, his masterpieces are not so much expensive, and we could say that there is a bit for everyone’s pocket in his artistic gallery. You can purchase some of his best items for a few hundred of dollars.








Credits: [Flickr ]

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