Yoga Cats Photo Session

You might already hear about Yoga Dogs Calendar which attracted a lot of attention two months ago. Alejandra Borris, a former yoga teacher and her husband Dan Borris also decided to create Yoga Cats Calendar for those who like cats more than dogs.

Here you can see images of some cats that Alejandra used to borrow from friends and neighbors for yoga photo sessions; Cats were photographed while they were set up in different yoga positions. You can see the rest of photos at where you can also find Yoga Dogs calendar.

It is nice to know that those cats weren’t forced to do some anatomically impossible yoga positions.







Yoga is one of the oldest forms of healing therapy that has been used by humans. You might believe that humans were the first to do yoga but they didn’t. Yoga actually imitates what animals do and many yoga positions require to imitate some animal if you want to achieve right pose.

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Animals were observed in nature and humans noticed their abilities and accomplishments so they believed that imitating these positions could bring them a physical and spiritual enlightenment.

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  1. We have to appreciate the efforts of Alejandra Borris & her husband Dan Borris here to create Yoga Cats Calendar for those who like cats more than dogs. Looks very funny!

  2. Aw these cats are so cute! I wonder if they have achieved a sense of peace and happiness in their lives through their practice 🙂

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