Alaska, Where The Bears Play In Your Backyard

Last updated on August 30th, 2016 at 09:12 am

You might not like Sarah Palin but Alaska is still great place to live for those who are excited with pure natural environment and wildlife.

What would you give to get up in the morning, drink your coffee, read newspapers and watch through the window whole family of black bears while they’re playing in your backyard?


Well it probably sounds little bit scary but actually this happens in Alaska, from time to time.

Residents of Anchorage in Alaska took those incredible photos of black bears as they were playing in their backyard playset.

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Resident of Anchorage who took those photos in her backyard said they meet the bears all the time and she complained about that one of the bears has peed in their driveway. Now that’s too much isn’t it?



There are between 200 and 300 black bears living in the Anchorage, Alaska, according to a rough estimate given by State of Alaska wildlife biologist Rick Sinnott. DNA studies based on collected hair samples have shown that the city is also home to at least 36 grizzly bears.

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  1. By the looks of the trees knocked over in the background, the playset was installed in the bear habitat. That’s what you get for moving into their turf!

  2. Hey “hibernating”, the tree’s are knocked over from the bulldozer that cleared the land for the play area, not by the bears. What a retard you are!

  3. hey ‘John’, ‘Hibernating’ didn’t say the bears knocked down the trees you double dumb ass retard. Their point was that the play area was built in the bears natural habitat. Don’t bother writing anything if you can’t be bothered to understand what you are reading, idiot.

  4. The bears look really cute and seem to be there just for play. The surrounding forest appears to be pretty dense, so I would expect if you live in that area they expect this kind of thing in their surroundings. This is originally their habitat…

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